Augmented Reality @ Kodiak High School

Check out these Augmented Reality projects created by KHS students. Students explored the Reality Composer app and Sketchfab to create interactive scenes. This project introduces current trends in AR, as well as how easy it is to create immersive and interactive experiences with Apple AR technologies. This project was part of the 2020/2021 iOS App Development class taught by Anthony White.

These experiences will only work with the iPhone/iPad. To start an experience simply click the image and find a flat, well-lit surface. Slowly move your device back and forth horizontally until the experience loads. If an experience does not load, please refresh the page.

How to move your device to view the AR experience

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Spoopy Maze

Be patient while it loads. Find a nice open space to explore the maze.

Meme Wall

Augmented memes become a reality. All the memes you could ever want to post on your wall.

Hovering Pheonix

A Pheonix flying around a piece of land.

Minecraft AR

Turn up your volume and tap the blocks for the experience.

DragonBall Z

Welcome to the Kame House!

Dark Souls

Boligar, the destroyed city.

Moar Minecraft AR

Go on, walk closer to the Enderman. I dare you!

AR Midari


Moar Meme Wall

Display only the freshest memes.

Stadium of Dragons

Make sure your audio is up!